Stuff more than your turkey this year!

Nov. 18, 2021 – There are so many delectable items on the table at Thanksgiving: cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, gravy, stuffing and, of course, that sumptuous cooked turkey. But you know what else is on the table that just might steal Tom Turkey's thunder? CamSoda’s new XXX Thanksgiving themed sex toys to enjoy the real holiday feast. Tell your partner you've got dessert planned because it's going to be even sweeter than pumpkin pie.

CamSoda’s new XXX Thanksgiving sex toys will be sure to have you feeling thankful for the ENTIRE dinner including:

  • “The Turkey Baster” - Suction Vibrator
  • "The Gravy Boat” - Lubricant
  • “Body Butter” l Anal Gel
  • “The Turkey Trotter” Vibrating Wand
  • “Wish Boned” Dual G-Spot Stimulator
  • “Licking The Beater” Oral Sex Lubricant
  • “Corn on the Cob” Wand Massager

“Thanksgiving isn’t exactly known as the sexiest holiday, especially coupled with holiday-related stressors everywhere you look,” said Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda. “That’s why CamSoda created something that helps even the most high strung people feel instant relief. These sex toys will last you all the way from Thanksgiving into the new year.”

Being around family members and all types of heavy food can be the opposite of arousing, but with CamSoda you can steal back some private “me” time with a new kind of recipe. Just remember to be respectful of your family members and their space if you're staying with them. Besides, being secretive is all part of the fun!

Who knows? On top of finding a new favorite dish, you may discover a few new ideas for your next couples night with CamSoda’s XXX Thanksgiving themed sex toys. It’s time for the main course so serve up something extra sweet!


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