Irish Curse Detector to screen your peen this St. Patty's Day

March 17, 2022 – St. Patrick’s Day is a chance for Irish people around the globe to be proud of their heritage and celebrate. The annual holiday is filled with drinking Guiness, dressing up as leprechauns and eating shepherd’s pie. But some guys at the pub this St. Patty’s day will come home after a few Jameson shots to a disappointing reality. They’ve been hit with the Irish curse. The cousin of “whiskey dick”, another cultural phenomenon that strikes year round, the Irish curse will plague a man with big balls and a tiny dick, making his lady friends gasp in both confusion and disappointment.

Irish guys usually have big tempers but fear not, none of them are packing enough heat to do anything about it. Do you become an angry leprechaun after a couple Irish car bombs? Or when your crush leaves you on read again? Well now, adult camming company CamSoda, is here to alleviate (or elevate) your angry, Irish side this Saint Patrick’s Day. Now they’re offering a new way to see if you’ve been hit with the Irish curse with their online detector. Simply upload a picture of your bangers and mash to and a group of models will confer and judge. If your peen falls under the threshold of 5 in. long and 4 in. wide, and is less than equal to the size of your balls, you’ll get some free tokens on CamSoda as a way for us to say sorry. If not, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate saying congratulations! Saint Patrick didn’t tame your snake at birth!

“Irish guys need to get a hold of our new Curse Recognition tool before they go out to the bar on Saint Patrick’s Day, for the sake of themselves and their ginger-haired lady friends,” said Daryn Parker, VP at CamSoda. “We plan on taking things to the next level to give men the self-awareness they need or the confidence they deserve. Similar to our Dick-ometrics technology, we’ve ensured user’s personal data is safe with our biometric technology, which is ultimately impenetrable. Irish men deserve this piece of mind so they can go out and get drunk on Saint Patty’s Day and hopefully find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

For more information on the Curse Recognition Tool, please visit: The Irish Curse Detector.


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